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What kind of customers does BigDeal have?

• Wholesalers

*Corporate wholesale buyers:
*Physical Shops and Distributors

• Retailers

• Drop Shippers

• On-line stores

*Online shop – Online sales
*E-marketplace:Selling on Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten, PixPlace, etc.
*Flash selling on group buying websites:Selling on group buying websites such as E-mag, GET BG, Alegro, Agito, BAZAR BG, PAZARUVAI, Groupon, Grupalia, LetsBonus, Living Social, etc.

If you are a manufacturer or wholesale Supplier with large stocks, and you expect to have the potential to become a B2B Wholesaler, please fill out the following form:


BigDeal is an internationally established company and the leader of the European market of unusual gifts. Our business focuses on importing and selling thousands of products. We are experts in B2B solutions and both online and offline wholesale. We take advantage of our turnover to buy large quantities of products directly from manufacturers avoiding any intermediary costs. This way we can offer our distributors very competitive prices and interesting profit margins.

•BigDeal is a wholesaler and has the stock. We are not intermediaries

•Thousands of items in stock and lots of new products every week

•Facilities of over 5,000 m2 with automated warehouses

•The entire logistic process is controlled by BigDeal

•Drop shipping to all Europe at very competitive prices

•Cash-on-delivery drop shipping (available in Bulgaria)

•Own IT and Programming Department

•Own Graphic Design Department with photography studio

•Own Translation Department with native translators and multilingual contents

•Customer service in more than 8 European languages